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Preston Aviation, Winter Haven, FL Preston Aviation, Winter Haven, FL Preston Aviation, Winter Haven, FL
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Peggy/Tim, Yes, yesterday was a super day for both my son and myself. The ride in the Cub was soooo much fun and it flies virtually by itself. As Time noted, the only difficult part is perfecting landing a tail-dragger. Thanks much for the photos; they came out well and are an excellent record of my 1st Cub ride. Thanks, too, to Tim for letting me move the stick for a large chunk of the flight1 I am even more enthused today about getting my tail-wheel endorsement (from Time, of course) and looking to become a proud, and happy, Cub owner in the not-too-distant future. BTW: I am a Level 6 Contributor to Trip Advisor and I wrote an account of the splendid Cub ride and included a sterling recommendation for Preston Aviation last evening. Trip Advisor should publish it within the next few days. Brandon's glider ride was nothing less than super. The 10-minute climb by the tow plane, with a release at 4,000 AGL, and good winds from the N, gave a ride of some 40+ minutes...significantly longer than the 30 mins advertised for that particular ride. Since the minimum weight for the Grob front-seater is 154lbs, and Brandon comes up 87 lbs. short of that number, he had to take the back seat. I asked the glider instructor, Steve Gibb (who knows you) to demo a stall, then let Brandon do one with Steve talking him through it. Brandon did 4 more stalls that, in the 103, is loads of fun! I have about 12hrs in 103 and Brandon now has 0.75. My family - including Brandon, wife, Mimi, and her mother, Lucy - and I really enjoyed meeting the both of you. It is easy to see why, between your warm personalities, relaxed demeanors, and the professionalism you both manifest, you have a very successful business. Seemed like the 3 or 4 folks we talked to at Seminole Park Gliderport knew you and spoke very highly of your business and Tim's ample experience and skills. Attached is a photo of Brandon pre-takeoff tow. We look forward to seeing you again and perhaps a Stearman ride for Brandon and another ride for me in the Cub through the 1000' AGL patch with Tim. Again, thanks to you both for the fun afternoon. Looking forward to seeing y'all soon. Best, Lennie, FL

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Preston Aviation, Winter Haven, FL Preston Aviation, Winter Haven, FL Preston Aviation, Winter Haven, FL